UPS is an abbreviation for Uninterruptible Power Supply or Uninterruptible Power Source. It is a battery which is used to power a PC or a server in order to avoid the loss of information in case the main source of energy fails for reasons unknown or becomes unsafe. A diesel generator practically self-explanatory. UPSs and generators are widely-used as a backup in data centers to back up the power supply and to ensure the uninterrupted operation of all the servers located there. Because the UPS works constantly, it provides the required power for the machines to remain functioning until the generator starts and takes over. Using this sort of a backup is a must for any data center or provider that wants to keep their hardware and data intact in case there is a power surge or outage, as it gives them lots of time to react until the issue is resolved and the primary power supply is restored.

UPS & Diesel Back-up Generator in Cloud Hosting

We offer cloud hosting plans in three of the major data centers throughout the world. They're based in the USA, in the United kingdom and in Australia. Given that data safety and hosting server uptime are our priorities, all three facilities have several backup systems against electrical power outages. A number of diesel generators can keep the web servers up and running for hours or even for several days and every machine that is part of our cutting-edge cloud platform includes its own enterprise-class UPS to keep it operational until the generators start working. This setup is one of the reasons why you can easily guarantee a 99.9% server and network uptime, so if you host your Internet sites within a shared account with us, you will take advantage of a fast and remarkable service and never having to worry about any disruptions due to electrical power outages.

UPS & Diesel Back-up Generator in Semi-dedicated Servers

We provide you with semi-dedicated server accounts inside our data center in downtown Chicago and one of the reasons behind our 99.9% uptime guarantee is the outstanding backup setup the facility has. Your new account will be set up on our top-notch website hosting platform and each of the servers which are part of it has its own highly effective UPS unit which will ensure that it stays fully functional at top capacity until several diesel generators take over. The latter can easily keep the entire facility working for a long length of time, without any limitations on the quantity or the type of devices which can work, so you'll not see any difference in the overall performance or the loading speed of any site which you host there. With our semi-dedicated web servers, you shall have the ability to use a top-quality web hosting service without interruptions of any type.