Although an average cloud hosting account is generally created automatically, there're still some setup tasks which are executed manually by the hosting supplier. Setting up a virtual or a dedicated server requires even additional efforts due to the fact that a considerable amount of time is spent to install and set up the software and hardware platform, and then test the server in order to guarantee its proper operation before it's handed over to the customer. To be able to cover the time spent on that, a large number of companies have a set-up charge that you will be required to pay every time you order your brand new website hosting plan. Often, that particular charge won't show up prior to reaching the payment page and you won't see it before that on your main page near the hosting package attributes. In the general case, this fee is one-time and it can range from a little to a significant amount of money depending on the provider.

Setup Fee in Cloud Hosting

If you get a cloud hosting package through our company, the end price that you need to pay throughout the checkout is identical to the cost you've already seen on the main page as well as on every other page on our web site. The processing of your payment as well as the account generation on our cutting-edge cloud hosting system are close to fully automated, that's why we consider that charging you any setup fees would be very unreasonable. Even when you get several accounts at once, you won't need to spend any money for the setup or for any other hidden costs for that matter. It's our principle that being honest to each client since the very beginning is far more valuable than getting a few more dollars.

Setup Fee in Semi-dedicated Servers

Our semi-dedicated server packages don't have any kind of installation fees, so if you order a new account, the total fee for the very first month will be identical for the future renewals. Considering the fact that it takes us several min to create and activate your new semi-dedicated account, we believe that it wouldn't be right to charge you anything for that. You will see the exact same amount on our main page, on the payment page as well as on your bank or PayPal statement and you will not ever be required to pay any extra charges. If you have a regular shared hosting account with our company and you want a more powerful alternative, we can even relocate all of your data to the brand new semi-dedicated account free of cost.

Setup Fee in VPS Servers

Despite the fact that installing a VPS server takes some time and efforts, we'll never charge you any installation costs even when you obtain several servers at one time. At the time you register, you have to pay solely the regular monthly rate for the selected package and we'll build the VPS, set up its OS, hosting Control Panel and software bundle (web server, MySQL, FTP) at no further cost. The renewal costs for the following months are identical to the initial registration charge. We believe that having one more customer that trusts us is more important than receiving a small one-time charge, therefore if you get a virtual server via us, you will never find any hidden fees.

Setup Fee in Dedicated Servers

With a dedicated server purchased through our company, you will never see any hidden fees and you'll never have to pay any setup charges. The cost of the package you've selected is stated on our web site and it is the only price that you'll see on both the order and the payment pages. We believe that getting a new customer and establishing a long-lasting partnership is more beneficial than asking you for a few more dollars, that's why we will set up the machine, set up all of the needed software and try it completely free of charge. We will even relocate all your info totally free if you already have a shared web hosting package from our company and you want to progress to a dedicated server that is ordered with our Hepsia hosting Control Panel.